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Timber Decking in Port Macquarie

At Port Macquarie Decking Experts, we supply and install timber decks for both residential and commercial clients. Our timber decking is sourced from Australian suppliers that have been tried and tested over time to ensure our quality never waivers.
In addition, all of our products are made from either marine grade or hardwood fixtures to ensure the deck will not warp or split after a period of use. The decking can be installed with different types of LED lights, creating a unique ambience for your backyard – night or day!
When you choose Port Macquarie Decking Experts as your provider of timber decking in Port Macquarie, we will spend time at your property discussing the design and layout that best suits your needs and budget.


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    Advantages of using timber decks compared to other decking materials

    Timber decks are durable and long-lasting. If you buy quality timber decking, your timber deck will be standing strong long after other forms of decking have begun to warp and rot.
    Warping isn’t something that happens overnight – it can take place over the course of months or even years, depending on the severity of the damage. By putting good quality marine-grade or hardwood fixtures on your Timber Deck installation, you are ensuring that your deck is protected from this kind of damage.
    Another advantage of having a timber deck is that they make for easy maintenance. This means less time on your hands waiting for the right weather conditions (and more time relaxing with friends and family). A pressure washer or wet vacuum can easily remove any dirt that is on the timber deck.

    A Wooden Deck

    Which is the best type of timber for decking?

    There are different types of woods that can be used for decking, but the most popular are hardwood and softwood. A good quality hardwood, such as Spanish Cedar, is long-lasting and durable. Softwoods like Hemlock or Spruce also make great decking materials because of their strength and affordability.
    Most people would recommend a hardwood over a softwood when designing your new external timber deck in Port Macquarie. You can tell which one will work by looking at the durability rating of the wood you choose e.g. (i) AC3 (durable under foot traffic), (ii) AC4 (requires minimal preservative treatment).

    Wooden Deck

    Uses of timber

    Timber can be used to build most of the decks that you like, e.g pergolas, patios, carports, pool decks etc. The type of surface that you choose to have will depend on a number of factors such as the style and design of the house, the purpose for which you want to use your outdoor area and how much money you can spend. Different types of timber surfaces will suit different purposes. If it’s going to be a place where children play, then a solid board may be best because it gives a more stable, safer surface. If its main purpose is for entertaining guests or giving an informal place to relax in the sun – perhaps outside your kitchen window-then a lighter, easy-to-clean surface might be better. You should think about what kind of furniture you might add later on when choosing the righting too.

    A Wooden Patio

    Why you need a timber deck

    Purchasing decking for your home is a big decision and when you add in the aesthetic aspect, it becomes even more important to consider what you want from your outdoor area. Timber decking will add value because of how it looks and because its lifespan will be longer than other materials​. Harsh weather conditions may weather your chosen timber, but you’ll need to treat it if this happens. However, treated timbers tend to lose their natural charm and beauty over time, and they can become quite slippery when wet, which can pose a potential safety hazard. A good quality timber deck surface will give you years of added enjoyment; where do you want yours?

    Professional timber decking

    It is important that you involve professionals to install your timber deck because of the high risk of damage to your property if the installation goes wrong. Decking Port Macquarie is your go-to professionals for your deck building project.
    There are many reasons people go for timber decking in Port Macquarie, but one key advantage is that it’s very pleasing to the eye. Timber decking will give you a warm, inviting feeling not only because of its appearance but also because of how it feels under your feet. If you have an outdoor area at home that doesn’t get much use, then having this type of flooring is definitely right for you.
    Your hardwood or softwood deck surface will last longer with proper care and maintenance. Daily cleaning with water should be sufficient to avoid any build-up of dirt, which can work into your deck boards more easily than onto synthetic surfaces over time.

    Why Choose Decking Port Macquarie?

    At Port Macquarie Decking Experts, we have qualified and certified workers to perform the installation of your new timber deck in Port Macquarie. We only use the best quality hardwoods available on the market to ensure your deck remains robust throughout its life span.

    We are proud members of the Master Builders Association and have successfully installed over 100 decks in Port Macquarie. As a result, we offer a full 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for any framing, joists or sleepers supplied by us.

    All our products are sourced locally from NSW at competitive prices, which means you can save up to 50% off retail prices! We also offer an innovative range of colours that ensure no two installations look alike. We believe customisation is key when it comes to design, so feel free to change anything about your timber decking in Port Macquarie to meet your personal requirements. Our team will work closely with you every step to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the final result.


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