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At Port Macquarie Decking Experts, we are ready to help when you’re considering your pool decking in Port Macquarie, New South Wales. We’ve got years of expertise in pool decking for pools of all shapes and sizes, giving our local customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are receiving the best possible service along with the highest quality workmanship.
As one of the leading outdoor deck building companies in Port Macquarie, we have really come to appreciate exactly what it takes to make certain our clients get high-quality results at affordable prices. It is an ambitious goal but it’s something that drives us every day.


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    What is pool decking?

    Pool decking is the flooring of the pool. Decks are either concrete or tiles and can be designed to look like any other type of natural stone flooring, like terracotta tile decking, flagstone decking or slate decking. With all types of decks, it is important to note that they are slippery when wet, even with textured products. The thicker the pad under the tile or slab, the more likely this will be a safer surface.
    Pool decks come in many different designs and colours, so you can blend them seamlessly into your home design theme while maintaining safety at the same time. Instead of simply looking at boring old grey concrete, you can choose between an incredible array of styles, including travertine patio paving tiles, brick paver tiles.

    A Concrete Pool Deck

    The benefits of installing a new pool deck

    Having a deck built around your pool, whether it’s a private pool or a larger community one, is a great way to increase your property value and make the most of your investment even further. Whether you simply want somewhere to sunbathe around the poolside or whether you want an area for entertaining friends, having a deck built will provide many benefits.
    Enhancing safety around your pool – Pool decks come in both brick pavers and mosaic tiles which are slip-resistant as well as beautiful to look at. They’re sure to help those who struggle with getting wet feet from stepping onto wet concrete, so everyone can enjoy the water! Pavers also warm up underfoot which is especially nice if you like spending time by your pool.

    Wooden Pool Deck

    Why it's important to hire a professional contractor to install a pool deck

    Hiring professionals to install your pool deck is very crucial because safety precautions must be taken into consideration. If not, you might end up getting hurt or causing damage to your property.
    Thanks to the Internet there are now many free design tools that can help you plan out your outdoor living space so it’s perfect for entertaining family and friends at home.
    If you have a pool on the ground floor of your apartment building, consider hiring professionals to install a new pool deck next to it so more people at home feel safer using the facilities.

    Concrete Pool Deck

    How to maintain your pool deck

    For your pool deck to always look good, you have to maintain it the right way. Here are some tips on how to do that:
    – Keep your deck clean – You can’t expect to have a nice looking pool deck if always dirty and filled with things you shouldn’t leave there. Clean it regularly and sweep off leaves and twigs. If possible, turn on a sprinkler for an hour every morning so the water can wash away any dust or dirt which might accumulate overnight.
    – Tree sap is harder than regular wood – Try to keep trees at least 10 feet away from your deck as their sticky sap could damage the material of your pool deck. On top of that, apply polish once in a while to fill up cracks and seal them shut.

    Pool decking materials

    Pool decks can be made using different types of materials to make it look great. If you are on a budget, choose concrete because it is the cheapest material available.
    Wood is also another option if you want to make your pool deck stand out from the rest. It has many different designs to choose from, so you can take your pick depending on what suits your style and taste.
    For those who have more money to spend creating their outdoor living space, go for stone decks as this material will be around forever, even after harsh weather conditions batter it down over time.
    Colours are important too, so consider choosing one that best reflects your personality or that of people who regularly use the pool deck at home.
    If you don’t mind spending extra money each month on maintenance costs, go for wood decking as this material is highly durable and can withstand any weather conditions. It will also age well over time, making your pool deck look simple yet elegant and classy.

    Why Choose Decking Port Macquarie?

    One of the reasons why you should consider us as your go-to deck contractors in Port Macquarie is because we have completed several jobs in the area. Each decking installation, whether it is for a pool deck, pergola or carport, will be unique to you because of your personal needs and requirements. You can always expect quality work from us because after all, this is important when building something permanent on your property. We go out of our way not only to meet the standards set by our clients but also to exceed their expectations. For that reason, they are happy to recommend us to anyone who wants truly value-for-money deals with superior workmanship.


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