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Wooden pergola

At Port Macquarie Decking Experts, we ensure that we offer our customers a range of choices and designs to fit any need. And we offer pergolas with fast installation service.
Port Macquarie Decking Experts – Our experts create the most amazing designs and style. The most important thing in life is making sure you choose a company that will provide you with the best quality decks and outdoor rooms without any issues or hassles. It doesn’t matter if it’s an outdoor area for your home, business premises, decking Port Macquarie makes sure that our customers are provided with top-class services and quality products which meets their budget at all times.


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    What is a pergola?

    A pergola is an outdoor structure that is often attached to a house, used as an area for sitting outdoors. A pergola is not the same as a pergola or verandah, which is attached to the front of the house but rather sits on the back porch.
    A pergola is usually built with posts spaced several feet apart and beams crossing between the posts at regular intervals (usually about 2m apart). The beams are fitted with balusters or spindles where they cross between posts to prevent people from squeezing through the gap between two posts. Often vines are planted on one side of the beams so that they grow up across the top of them, creating shade.

    A Wooden Pergola Attached To The House

    Benefits of installing a pergola

    Pergolas have many benefits. First of all, they can provide an extension to your home in terms of aesthetics and adding extra living space. The shade that a pergola provides is conducive to outdoor living and helps keep the area cool and comfortable.
    Pergolas are perfect if you want somewhere shady underneath. You can enjoy al fresco dining without worrying about the sun’s rays heating up the area receiving direct sunlight. Dining under a pergola adds a touch of class and sophistication as well as adds value to your house.

    Wooden Pergola

    Why you should consider having one installed on your property by a professional

    Hiring a professional to install your pergola is a simple way to ensure that you get a high-quality design and installation. The key thing here is that a professional has years of experience working with pergolas and knows how they should be built to suit your property perfectly.
    – Inferior materials are not chosen as these could pose safety risks or become damaged easier over time, which will end up costing more money in the long run. It’s always better if you can find an established company that offers warranties on their workmanship.
    – Designs are drawn up professionally instead of just picking something off the shelf, which ensures the best possible outcome for your home

    Wooden Pergola

    Choosing the right materials for the installation of a pergola

    Pergolas can be made using different types of materials. The most common are timber, metal and wicker. Among the many considerations that need to be made when deciding which material you want your pergola to be built from is cost, durability and design options.
    – Timber is strong, durable and attractive but can be hard to maintain
    – Metal or steel is very strong and isn’t susceptible to rot, rust or termites
    – Wicker also lasts for a long time but can fade in harsh sunlight, so needs to be protected with paint or stain

    Choosing the right pergola design for your home

    The shape of your pergola will depend on where it’s being placed. If the area has high wind gusts, then an open-air structure may not offer enough support, and you may need a sturdier structure. You can choose from square, rectangular, round or octagonal shapes as well as different roofing styles such as flat roofs, domes, gables and skillion roofs.

    Deciding on the type of roof you need for your pergola is also important to consider. Make sure that it will offer adequate shade for your outdoor area and match the style of your home and garden. There are many options available which include:

    – Flat: This is perfect for areas where there isn’t much movement of air, like inner-city areas

    – Sagos (Shed Roof): A popular choice due to its low profile design which offers plenty of shade

    – Gambrels & hip roofs:

    Why Choose Decking Port Macquarie?

    One of the reasons why you would come to us is because the quality of our pergolas is of the highest standard. We have taken great pains to build our panels so that they are strong, sturdy and built with Australian-made materials. We only use top quality American pine that is at least 50% stronger than timber.
    We only use pressure treated timber which carries a 30-year warranty under exposure to weather conditions. Our equipment for cutting the posts is computer-driven, resulting in near perfect angles every time. The posts are cut perfectly square with flat tops, meaning you get a nice, even finish when it comes to laying your decking boards.


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